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MG201 Organisational Behaviour I/II P/F&B C/L&C*

Prerequisites: MG101 or MG106
Course Coordinator: Dr Maureen Karan

MG201 introduces fundamental concepts in the field of organisational behaviour (OB). Managers worldwide fully appreciate the significance of OB and how, as a field of study, it assists them in dealing with the challenges facing 21st century organisations through a solid understanding of human behaviour at work-both of self and others. It is also true that OB is a very interesting and relevant subject because almost all of us are interested in human behaviour and expect to work in some organisation at least part of our adult lives. Organisations fail or succeed, decline or prosper because of people, i.e. because of what people do or do not do every day on the job. Therefore, OB is concerned with the study of what people do in an organisation and how that behaviour affects the performance of the organisation. It is now also recognised that effective organisational behaviour is the foundation, and the effective management and leadership of organisations requires thoughtful application of competencies related to the behaviour of people at work.

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