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PH204 Modern Physics I F/B L/E

Prerequisites: : PH102 or PH103 and MA112EN:EN:
Course Coordinator: Prof. Sushil Kumar

Modern physics deals with the developments of physics in the microscopic world that began early 20th century. It includes theories that explain the properties of the atom, the atomic nucleus and the particles of which it is composed. The course introduces the fundamentals of optics and gives a quantitative treatment to a number of topics involved in optics. The course presupposes knowledge of elementary differential and integral calculus. Knowledge of ordinary differential equations is useful in topics related to quantum mechanics. The laboratory work involves experimentation in both atomic/molecular and nuclear physics including some of the classic experiments, e.g.Heisenberg?s Uncertainty Principle, Frank and Hertz experiment, Zeeman effect, Millikan's oil drop and the Hall Effect.

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